Laser welding, laser cutting. Laser welding and laser cutting using a fiber laser has a lot of results.

High speed welding, low-distortion welding, Precision Welding,dissimilar metal welding has been achieved by Laser.


We offer new value-added laser plastic welding.


Precise control of the laser made it possible to fine processing to the selected part.


We have latest equipment and proprietary systems.It is possible to shorten delivery times.


We support you to realize your desired quality of welding by proposing optimal laser processing head


This is the introduction of laser processing and product samples.


We are order made manufacturer of jigs and labor-saving machinery and steel structures.


Only products that have passed a thorough inspection at each step are shipped from our factory.


Business line

■"Labor-saving machinery" "robot" "Line System" design and fabrication
■Laser Entrusted Processing and Laser Information service
( 「fiber lasers processing ,laser surface reformulation, laser cutting ,laser welding ,laser drilling 」)
■Machining / Piping / steel structures Welding
■Precision Sheet Metal Processing
■Special welding




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Machinery Equipment Division

Planning, design and manufacture of labor-saving machinery and equipment to suit your needs

We provide to machinery planning, design, manufacturing.
And we provide equipment and maintenance repair for machinery and equipment.
Labor-saving machinery and unmanned transport equipment for made to order is our strength.


Get a Quote

We will submit a quote
based on
the basic specifications.

Design and

Based on the plan, we are designed by considering the reliability and safety and maintenance and work. And subject to your approval.

Release of

We will design parts it studied assembly and cost reduction and reliability and safety.


We repeat the test in-house and have goal of zero defects after the operation.











Submit the instruction manual.


We carry out of Commissioning under the presence of users. Users confirm the specified performance.

of machinery

Transported to your designated location and conduct the installation work.


Labor-saving machinery for the purpose of unmanned

30kW FBL システム

●30kW fiber laser robot system



●Pallet lifters


Reversing gear machine

●Reversing gear machine


Semiconductor laser processing system machine

●Semiconductor laser processing system machine


Pallet replace machine

●Pallet replace machine


Pressure measuring device

●Pressure measuring device


6kw fiber laser machine

●6kw fiber laser machine


Laser welding test jig

●Laser welding test jig


Billet transport cove

●Billet transport cove


Billet transport box

●Billet transport box


Iron and copper dissimilar metals welding

●Iron and copper dissimilar metals welding


Copper welding and copper cladding

●Copper welding and copper cladding


Job of this segment manufactures steel structure and manufacture line systems and robot systems labor-saving machinery and equipment.
There are versatile devices and the latest equipment aligned for a wide range Metalworking.
Enthusiasm and excellent employees with various nationally certified and industry qualifications are working.
Deepening of technology the pursuit of perfection, by brainstormed ideas and the wisdom and we are always evolving.