Laser welding, laser cutting. Laser welding and laser cutting using a fiber laser has a lot of results.

High speed welding, low-distortion welding, Precision Welding,dissimilar metal welding has been achieved by Laser.


We offer new value-added laser plastic welding.


Precise control of the laser made it possible to fine processing to the selected part.


We have latest equipment and proprietary systems.It is possible to shorten delivery times.


We support you to realize your desired quality of welding by proposing optimal laser processing head


This is the introduction of laser processing and product samples.


We are order made manufacturer of jigs and labor-saving machinery and steel structures.


Only products that have passed a thorough inspection at each step are shipped from our factory.


Business line

■"Labor-saving machinery" "robot" "Line System" design and fabrication
■Laser Entrusted Processing and Laser Information service
( 「fiber lasers processing ,laser surface reformulation, laser cutting ,laser welding ,laser drilling 」)
■Machining / Piping / steel structures Welding
■Precision Sheet Metal Processing
■Special welding




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Laser plastic welding process -Streamline Products -

Laser plastic welding process

Welding of the resin can be melted by laser heating at the bonding interface.
Compared to the bolt and vibration welding or heat welding edition,
Laser plastic welding is less vibration and thermal effects.
It also eliminates the need for flange joints and can streamline the product.
You can thus reduce the number of components. Has excellent pressure resistance and airtight.


Welding of PBT and PBT

●Welding of PBT and PBT


Expansion of the cross section

●Expansion of the cross section


Laser Welding processing of dissimilar materials

Dissimilar plastic materials or metal and resin can be welding by used as an elastomer .
The technology developed by Okayama Prefecture Industrial Technology Center. You can challenge new product designs.


Welding of PBT and PP

●Welding of PBT and PP


Welding of PBT and SUS304

●Welding of PBT and SUS304


CFRP and metal bonding

●CFRP and metal bonding


180 degrees bending test

●180 degrees bending test


Sample introduction

■Introduction of product and sample .

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