Laser welding, laser cutting. Laser welding and laser cutting using a fiber laser has a lot of results.

High speed welding, low-distortion welding, Precision Welding,dissimilar metal welding has been achieved by Laser.


We offer new value-added laser plastic welding.


Precise control of the laser made it possible to fine processing to the selected part.


We have latest equipment and proprietary systems.It is possible to shorten delivery times.


We support you to realize your desired quality of welding by proposing optimal laser processing head


This is the introduction of laser processing and product samples.


We are order made manufacturer of jigs and labor-saving machinery and steel structures.


Only products that have passed a thorough inspection at each step are shipped from our factory.


Business line

■"Labor-saving machinery" "robot" "Line System" design and fabrication
■Laser Entrusted Processing and Laser Information service
( 「fiber lasers processing ,laser surface reformulation, laser cutting ,laser welding ,laser drilling 」)
■Machining / Piping / steel structures Welding
■Precision Sheet Metal Processing
■Special welding




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Corporate profile

The Power of Technology

Thank you for your patronage always Maeda Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Since its inception in 1950, management philosophy "Customer Orientation" is on the base, and has been constantly evolved own technique.
Through manufacturing, we serve our customers proud to and that is our greatest pleasure.
We introduce your own cutting-edge technology to our proprietary technologies. And we pour our best to respond quickly to the next generation needs of everybody.
We intend to increase the technology with the entire company for build a future dream.                                  

Toshimitsu Maeda, President and CEO


Head Office

Head Office


Tokai Plant

Tokai Plant


Corporate profile

Company name MAEDA INDUSTRY co.,Ltd.
President Toshimitsu Maeda, President and CEO
Location ■Head Office
Phone +81-52-604-8650
FAX +81-52-601-6353

■Tokai Plant
Business line ■"Labor-saving machinery" "robot" "Line System" design and fabrication
■Laser Entrusted Processing and Laser Information service
(fiber lasers processing ,laser surface reformulation , laser cutting ,laser welding,
laser drilling 」)
■Machining / Piping / steel structures Welding
■Precision Sheet Metal Processing
■Special welding
Capital 35 million yen
Date of foundation December 11, 1950



1950 Maeda Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established and began processing metal products.
1955 Start manufacturing of steel structures and metal processing.
1970 Oe Plant started operation. Strengthen the design department.
Overall sales structure will be strengthened.
Capital increased to \ 5 million.
1978 Capital increased to ¥10 million.
1982 New factory and the new headquarters build in Nawa-cho Tokai-city.
1984 Build out the plant. Strengthen the special welding.
1987 Precision sheet metal sector and strengthen the plant expansion.
1989 Introduce laser machine.(1kW) Precision parts processing begins.
1990 Introduce laser No. 2 machine.(1.6kW)
1991 Introduce laser No. 3 machine.(3kW)
Laser welding and surface reformulation process begins.
1995 Construct of new premises and laser welding shop.
Introduce the large 3-D laser welding No. 4 machine (5.5kw).
1996 Introduce YAG laser (Pen Type) No. 5 machine.
1997 Introduce laser No. 6 machine.(3.5kW) Introduce Coordinate measuring machine.
2001 Introduce laser No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 machine.Introduce 2-axis scan head machine.
2002 Capital increased to \ 35 million.
2004 Introduce the laser No. 10 machine.(3.5kW)
2005 Tokai plant begins operation. Introduce 2kW laser cutting No. 11 machine.
2006 Laser surface reformulation enhanced.
2007 Introduce 4kw laser diode (for hardening).
2008 Introduce 6kW laser surface reformulation machine.
Introduction of single-mode fiber laser 300w (for marking cutting and welding)
450w (10kw peak power) introduce pulsed YAG laser (welding cutting drilling).
Introduce 2-axis scan head by ARGES.
2009 Introduce 5kw fiber laser (for cutting and welding).
2011 Introduce 2kw single-mode fiber laser
Introduce 180w Laser diodes (for plastic welding)
Introduced 2-axis digital scan head made by Y-E DATA.
2012 Developed “LEXA” seam tracking laser welding process head .
Introduced 30kW fiber laser, 3kW semiconductor laser.
Introduced beam profiler.
2014 Introduced 6kW fiber laser (4-channel specification).
2015 Introduced 6-axis robot for 3kW semiconductor laser.
Introduced 300kV and 90kV x-ray inspection device.
2016 Introduced 3D digital scan head made by Y-E DATA.
2017 Introduced 20W nanopulse fiber laser.
Introduced beamwatch.
Introduced single-mode 3D digital scan head made by Y-E DATA.